New features
15 November 2022

We are excited to announce the latest update to our widgets for Shopify customers! With this new release, we've introduced personalized recommendations inside Personizely widgets, ensuring that your customers receive the most relevant and accurate product suggestions.

Why We Made This Change?

Personalized recommendations based on customer behavior and preferences have become essential in today's highly competitive e-commerce landscape. By providing personalized product recommendations, businesses can increase customer engagement and satisfaction while boosting sales.

However, until now, our customers had to solely rely on manually configured rules when providing cross-sells and product recommendations.

To address this issue, we have integrated Shopify's recommendation engine directly into Personizely's widgets. This means that merchants can now offer highly relevant product suggestions without having to necessarily rely on a manual setup.

What Happens Now?

Merchants who use our cross-sell widget in their Shopify store can take advantage of this new feature by updating the configuration of the product element inside the widget builder. Once enabled, the widget will automatically display personalized recommendations based on each customer's browsing and purchase history.

You can find out more about Shopify product recommendations on their site: